Bikini Swimwear

For most people, summer is the time when they bring out their best bikini swimwear or sexy micro bikini for a fun couple of weeks at the beach or by the poolside. However, for some, these teeny swimsuits are regular fare that they wear for most of the year. Though you can find two-piece clad bodies on beaches and poolsides more commonly, you can also spot women and men wearing these skimpy beachwear even in the most unlikely places year-round. Here are just a couple of jobs where swimsuits are considered uniform.


Yup, Baywatch really did have a real basis for outfitting Pamela Anderson and the rest of the crew in their famous red bikini swimwear. However in real life, lifeguards don uniforms that are less glamorous and revealing than those portrayed on TV. Lifeguards wear swimsuits that allow them to perform their duties more freely and faster.

Lawn service crew

A lot of people shy away from doing household chores and if they can, they’d usually pay someone else to do stuff for them. One of the most overlooked chores is trimming the lawn (the one in the front or backyard of the house). Get extra service and eye candy when having your garden pruned and serviced by lawn service personnel clad in bikinis. Some lawn service companies hire bikini-clad women to work on the yards of their clients. However, these services charge a little something extra for the eye candy that homeowners get.

Coffee shop attendants

Though causing an uproar in some very conservative areas, some coffee shop owners are spiking their java with a little something more than just caffeine. Baristas in these particular coffee places are serving their costumers clad only in bikini tops, short shorts, sneakers, and even rollerblades. Some communities protest to these kinds of establishments. However, as long as all is in good taste and the coffee’s just right, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of trouble in these areas.

Women’s beach volleyball players

A lot of the action in the Olympics and any other sporting events can be found in the women’s beach volleyball matches. Here, players pull on two-piece uniforms emblazoned with their team’s crests or insignias and battle it out for the top spot. Wearing these skintight uniforms allows players to maximize their capabilities without being hindered by loose folds of clothing that could get in their way.


If you think you’ve had enough of women and all the objectification that they get, then here’s something that’s out of the ordinary. A carpenter produces great work in homes and establishments while clad only in, you guessed it, a sexy swimwear. However, in San Antonio, Texas, it’s the women who get more than an eyeful as the carpenter is a man who’s more comfortable working and getting around town in his skimpy bottom. Gary Duncan, dubbed the Bikini Man in his hometown, spends practically every minute of his life wearing tight spandex briefs covering only his nether parts.

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